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Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Duane Raver, Jr.
Open Year-Round
Size Limit
No Size Limit
Daily Limit / Person
50 panfish total (no more than 25 Pumpkinseed Sunfish)
Delaware Range
Abundance in Delaware Waters
General Habitat and Food Preferences
Pumpkinseed Sunfish live in many ponds, along with slow-moving areas of streams and rivers. They prefer water with many weeds.

They mainly feed on insects, but also consume crayfish, leeches, snails, and small fishes.
General Description
The Pumpkinseed Sunfish, also known as the "sunny", is an attractive fish.

They are orange, green, yellow or blue in color, with speckles over their sides and back and a yellow-orange breast and belly.

The ear flap is black with a distinctive red-orange spot at the rear edge.
Did You Know?
Pumpkinseed Sunfish are very popular with young anglers due to their willingness to bite on worms, their abundance, and their close locations to the shore.

The Pumpkinseed Sunfish is closely related to smallmouth and largemouth bass.
Common Fishing Lures and Baits
Pumpkinseed Sunfish can be caught with artificial flies, small spinners, and jigs.

Bait often includes crickets, meal worms, small worms, and even pieces of bread rolled into pearl size balls fished suspended under a bobber.
Typical Sizes Caught
Pumpkinseed Sunfish are commonly caught in the range of 5 to 7 inches in length by Delaware anglers.
Citation Minimum Lengths/Weights
Pumpkinseed Sunfish are not currently eligible for a Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament or Live Release award.
Delaware State Record
Pumpkinseed Sunfish are not currently eligible for an individual Delaware record.