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Duane Raver, Jr.
Open Year Round
Size Limit
No Size Limit
Daily Limit / Person
Delaware Range
Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay and Inland Bays
Abundance in Delaware Waters
General Habitat and Food Preferences
Bluefish live near the surface or in the water column in loose groups.

They are fast swimmers and voracious predators which prey on schools of fish.
General Description
Bluefish get their name from their color.

They are a greenish blue with silvery sides and a white belly.

Bluefish have a pointed snout and large mouth with many sharp teeth.
Did You Know?
Bluefish are so aggressive they have bitten human swimmers who were unfortunate enough to encounter a feeding school.

Bluefish are well known to anglers as an incredible fighter with tremendous power.
Common Fishing Lures and Baits
When Bluefish are in a feeding frenzy, they will strike almost any object in front of them.

Bluefish are caught by trolling or casting artificial lures.

Cut pieces of fish (like mullet or squid strips) while surfishing are good for catching Bluefish.
Typical Sizes Caught
Bluefish are commonly caught in the range of 12 to 20 inches in length by Delaware anglers.
Citation Minimum Lengths/Weights
Live Release Award
Adult: 29 inches minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 27 inches minimum

Sport Fishing Tournament Award
Adult: 12 pounds minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 10 pounds minimum
Delaware State Record
24 pounds 14.4 ounces
Dr. Luis Mispireta