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Blue Runner

Duane Raver, Jr.
Open Year-Round
Size Limit
No Size Limit
Daily Limit / Person
No Limit
Delaware Range
Atlantic Ocean
Abundance in Delaware Waters
General Habitat and Food Preferences
The Blue Runner can be found both in shallow and deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean but is primarily found inshore. They prefer clear, shallow waters over structure such as artificial reefs.

They are typically found in schools varying in size from a few fish to many.

They feed on fishes, shrimps, and squids.
General Description
The Blue Runner is characterized by his near football shaped body that is mostly bluish green to olive green on top fading to silvery gray below with a curved forked tail.

A dark spot is typically present on the gill cover.
Did You Know?
Young Blue Runners have been observed living inside the bell of jellyfish.

Important forage species for larger predators such as billfish and tuna.
Common Fishing Lures and Baits
Anglers catch Blue Runners by drifting with live bait fish, live shrimp, strips of squid, or pieces of cut fish.

Jigs tipped with a strip of squid will also work.
Typical Sizes Caught
In general, Blue Runners caught by anglers weigh between 1 and 2 pounds.
Citation Minimum Lengths/Weights
Blue Runners are not currently eligible for a Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament or Live Release award.
Delaware State Record
Blue Runners are not currently eligible for an individual Delaware record.