Striped Bass Hybrid

Striped Bass Hybrids are a silver-white fish that looks much like a Striped Bass but deeper in body and the stripes on its sides are often broken and often out of line.

Striped Bass Hybrid Illustration by Duane Raver, Jr.
Season Open Year-Round
Size Limit 15 inch minimum (total length)
Daily Limit / Person 2
Delaware Range Lums Pond
Abundance in Delaware Waters Uncommon
General Habitat and Food Preferences Generally, Striped Bass Hybrids are found in open water areas. They are most active during periods of low light such as dawn and dusk.

Gizzard shad are a common prey species.
Did You Know? Striped Bass Hybrids are an introduced species to Delaware (meaning they are non-native).

The Striped Bass Hybrid is a cross between a female Striped Bass and a male White Bass.

They are often called wipers. The wiper is incredibly strong and has a crushing blow as it grabs a lure. They put up a great fight on fresh water tackle.
Common Lures and Baits Striped Bass Hybrids are caught on topwaters, crankbaits, slab spoons, and jigs.

Live fish such as golden shiners and gizzard shad are favorite live baits.
Typical Sizes Caught Striped Bass Hybrids are commonly caught in the range of 12 to 20 inches in length (2 to 5 pounds) by Delaware anglers.
Citation Minimum Length and Weight Live Release Award
Adult: 22 inches minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 19 inches minimum

Sport Fishing Tournament Award
Adult: 5 pounds minimum
Youth (age 15 and under): 3.5 pounds minimum

Note: Striped Bass Hybrids submitted for the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament or Live Release awards programs must be taken from non-tidal waters.
Delaware State Record 13 pounds 13 ounces
Earl Blevins

Note: Striped Bass Hybrids submitted for a potential Delaware State record must be taken from non-tidal waters.