Silver Hake

Silver Hake are iridescent gray brown above, fading to a silvery/white below.

Their large mouth, with a projecting lower jaw, is lined with two or more rows of sharp curved teeth.

Silver Hake have no chin barbel (whisker).

Silver Hake Illustration by Sherman Foote Denton
Season Open Year-Round
Size Limit No Size Limit
Daily Limit / Person No Limit
Delaware Range Atlantic Ocean
Abundance in Delaware Waters Rare - this species is more common north of Delaware.
General Habitat and Food Preferences Silver Hake can be found in both inshore and offshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean preferring sandy, muddy, or pebbly bottoms.

They feed primarily on small shrimps, fishes, and squids.
Did You Know? Silver Hake have a large mouth filled with very sharp needle-like teeth.

They are known to be cannibalistic.
Common Lures and Baits Silver Hake can be caught with small diamond jigs and spoons. They also can be caught on bottom rigs with strips of squid or cut pieces of fish.

Because Silver Hake are nocturnal, fishing at night is usually best.
Typical Sizes Caught In general, Silver Hake caught by anglers are less than 20 inches in length.
Citation Minimum Length and Weight Silver Hake are not currently eligible for a Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament or Live Release award.
Delaware State Record Silver Hake are not currently eligible for an individual Delaware record.