Spiny Dogfish

Spiny Dogfish are gray to brown on top with white spots and pale gray to white below.

Their pupils are an iridescent blue-green.

They have a single spine in front of each of their two dorsal fins.

Spiny Dogfish do not have an anal fin.

Their teeth are pavement-like, but with an extra set of small, very strong and very sharp teeth (often difficult to see).

Spiny Dogfish Illustration by Duane Raver, Jr.
Season Open Year-Round
Size Limit No Size Limit
Daily Limit / Person No Limit
Delaware Range Atlantic Ocean
Abundance in Delaware Waters Common during cooler weather months, October - April
General Habitat and Food Preferences Spiny Dogfish are found in inshore and offshore waters to depths of 3000 feet.

They feed mainly on small fishes.
Did You Know? Spiny Dogfish have spines on the dorsal fins that can result in nasty wounds if not handled carefully.
Common Lures and Baits Often despised by fisherman, Spiny Dogfish are usually caught accidentally by anglers fishing for other species.

They can be caught with strips of squid or cut pieces of fish.
Typical Sizes Caught Spiny Dogfish are typically caught by Delaware anglers during cooler weather months (October to April). They commonly range in size from of 24 to 36 inches.
Citation Minimum Length and Weight Spiny Dogfish are not currently eligible for a Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament or Live Release award.
Delaware State Record Spiny Dogfish are not currently eligible for an individual Delaware record.